j-hope IN THE BOX

j-hope IN THE BOX, 2023

6.0 2023.06.17上映
no info 紀錄片,音樂/歌舞 1 時 26 分
▃▂此為電影院限定版▂▃ 歡慶BTS十周年,j-hope個人紀錄片將於全球電影院期間限定上映。 別錯過和親友們在大銀幕共同觀賞這部電影的機會。 「我是你們的希望,你們是我的希望,我是jhope是第一位登上於芝加哥舉辦的世界最大型的Lollapalooza音樂節主舞台的韓國歌手。那個年輕又喜歡跳舞的鄭號錫,現以j-hope為名,成為全球流行天團「防彈少年團」的主舞及饒舌擔當。以《Dynamite》、《Butter》大獲成功後,他開始著手自己的首張個人專輯。 作為單飛藝人,在擔憂和焦慮自己的認同感之際,j-hope決定放手一搏,準備跳出框架來迎接世界。 影片中紀錄了j-hope兩百多天以來的日常生活,從製作專輯《Jack In The Box》、專輯發佈會到他登上Lollapalooza音樂節舞台的準備及演出。 In celebration of BTS' 10th anniversary, j-hope's solo documentary will be available in cinemas around the world for a limited time. Don't miss the chance to gather with your friends and family to enjoy the movie on the big screen! I'm your HOPE. You're my HOPE. I'm jhope is the first Korean musician to headline the main stage of the world's largest music festival, "Lollapalooza" in Chicago. The young Jung Hoseok, who loved dance, is now famously known as j-hope, the main dancer and rapper of the world-renowned group, BTS. After the huge success of "Dynamite" and "Butter," he begins working on his first official solo album. Amid concerns and anxiety about his identity as a solo artist, j-hope takes a leap of faith, and prepares to come out of the box and greet the world. We capture the daily life of artist, j-hope, for 200 days, from the production of "Jack In The Box" and the listening party, to his preparation and appearance on the stage of "Lollapalooza".